Introducing Ibrar Bhatt

Ibrar Bhatt, PhD Scholar, University of Leeds (School of Education)

My name is Ibrar, and I’m currently a post-graduate research student at the University of Leeds.

My ESRC-funded doctoral study explores the digital literacy practices arising when adult learners complete writing assignments for a course at a UK Further Education college. It establishes whether learners use digital tools agentively and decisively in their daily lives to transform their classroom practice. This includes questioning the relationship between learners’ everyday and classroom digital literacies as parallel, and the extent to which the learners’ own social digital literacy practices are used as a resource in curricular work.

As social and educational life is increasingly played out in digital environments, I’m very interested in how digital methods of research can help give us a more composite picture of our research contexts. In this respect, multimodality is a key element of my work, alongside theorisations of how learners’ Web-based activities in the classroom disrupt the apparently spatially separate entities of ‘college’ and ‘home’ and the digital literacy practices attached to each domain.

It’s a pleasure to be part of the Digital Methods as Mainstream Methodology team and I look forward to attending the events and supporting the organisation.


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