Affinity Mapping

At our first event, we asked delegates to reflect on the opportunities and challenges of digital methods through an affinity mapping exercise. The idea of this activity was to solicit ideas and to develop some consensus around the key issues for the network to take forward.

Delegates were asked to brainstorm ideas in groups, write one issue per post-it note and stick them on the table.

Then, the notes were stuck on the back wall of the meeting room and the group was asked to organise them by placing linked ideas together. Through this  collaborative sorting exercise, we were able to categorise the issues and identify over-arching themes.

The affinity mapping was used as a prompt for a group discussion on the opportunities and challenges identified. Key issues included defining ‘digital methods’, dealing with data, and thinking about research populations and context.

The output from the exercise was summarised as a mindmap. You can download the map as a PDF here.

(Map produced using MindMeister. H/t to Temporal Belongings for the workshop idea.)


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