Event 3

Our concluding event looks forward to future challenges and directions for digital research.

Indicative topics for discussion include:

  • developments in research tools and technologies;
  • the changing digital environment;
  • future trends in digital research;
  • training requirements for the research community.

Date 15th March 2013

Location ** 2nd FLOOR BOARDROOM (2.016/2.017)** Arthur Lewis Building, The University of Manchester

Time 10.00am – 4.00pm

Confirmed speakers include:

Dr David Beer, University of York: “The politics of data circulations: Before digital methods become mainstream”

Dr Noortje Marres, Goldsmiths: “Issue Mapping as an Interface Method”

Professor Christine Griffin, University of Bath: “Digital methods and researching the digital world: challenges and dilemmas”

Professor Rachel Gibson, University of Manchester: “Comparing Online Democracy and Elections”

Programme in full


The event is free of charge.

*** Registration is now open: Online registration form***

A light lunch and refreshments will be provided.


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